Regular Health Checkups: All Questions Answered

With the increasing number of people migrating to foreign lands in search of better opportunities and improved standard of living, the importance of medical examination for immigration increases by several folds. 

medical examination for immigration

Annual health checkup is the step in the right direction to ensure good health. However, in a nation like Canada, people often fail to understand the importance of regular health checkups and tend to ignore or delay the procedure. Lately, it has been observed that people are coming out in large numbers to get health checkups done on a regular basis. Several employers have also taken adequate measures to ensure the same by making it mandatory for all their employees. Such initiatives at the community level are a source of inspiration for all others and should be highly appreciated. 

In the following paragraphs, we have tried answering all your questions related to the medical examination for immigration. Therefore, to resolve all your queries, do give a read to it. 

  • Importance of annual health checkups

Most of the time, we fail to realize the perks of annual health checkups. An individual who gets his body regularly checked up at least once a year is less prone to serious ailments as compared to others. This is because it helps you in preventing bigger health issues by detecting any subtle symptoms in the initial stages itself. As a result, it is easier to diagnose potential disease before it becomes fatal. Apart from this, your doctor can help you lead a healthy life by suggesting changes in your daily routine, food habits or even work-life balance. 

medical examination for immigration
  • Things to expect during health checkups

While undergoing regular health checkups, there are certain areas one needs to be open about with their doctors. This includes aspects such as clinical history, past medical history, family medical history, daily habits and lifestyle of an individual. These factors help the doctor to get a better understanding of the current health of the person and take appropriate measures accordingly. 

  • Regular health checkups composition

A regular health checkup is always completed in two steps. The first step involves some basic preliminary tests. These include noting down the weight, height, blood pressure, and pulse rate of the individual. The second step for passing the medical examination for immigration involves following up further process based on the results of the preliminary tests and doctor’s guidance. This involves undergoing tests such as blood and urine tests, X-rays, ultrasonography, cardiac test, and lung function tests at regular intervals.

  • Do healthy individuals also require regular checkups?
medical examination for immigration

The question raised above has no particular answer. On one hand, some professionals think that there is no harm in getting your body checked for any diseases at least once a year irrespective of your current health conditions. Whereas, on the other hand, some doctors are of the view that in case of healthy individuals, an approach of selective health checkup can be adopted.

While regular health checkups are absolutely necessary, the best measure to avoid the threat of acquiring potential diseases is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and following it strictly.

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