Diet Tips During Drug Detox To Enhance Recovery

drug detox

Survive with addictions can be a very hard and difficult process. No matter the type, most addictions cause the same feelings in people. Therefore, it is important that in these cases monitoring is carried out with a specialist in order to get ahead. People with addictions get some signs and symptoms that delay the process, such as depression, anxiety, mood changes, malnutrition, etc. Eating a correct diet and eating certain foods during drug detox helps improve the signs and symptoms in this addiction process.

Here are some eating habits that improve the feelings that people undergoing Drug Detox can choose to consume:

– Decrease caffeine consumption: it can cause mood changes.

– Avoid consuming refined carbohydrates and foods high in sugar: they can cause mood swings and provide empty calories resulting in a lack of necessary nutrients for the body.

– Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables: they play an essential role in boosting your immune system and help restore skin and hair, which often weaken due to certain addictions.

drug detox

– Allow the body with protein: consume beans, fish, salmon, and tuna which will not only strengthen your muscles but also help “feed” the recovery of the brain. Be careful if you have liver problems.

– Fill the fiber diet: it favors the work of the digestive system. The consumption of beans, pasta and brown rice, broccoli, green leaves, oats, among others, should be increased.

– Choose healthy snacks: when eating rich and healthy snacks that contain some protein. This protein helps regulate blood sugar levels, which helps maintain a stable mood. For example nut fist, a hard-boiled egg with 1 baked toast, fresh fruit with cottage cheese or vegetables with almonds.

-Eat breakfast every day: reduce and avoid anxiety during the day. Breakfast example: a rich smoothie of red fruits, full of antioxidants.

– Drink water: It is necessary to listen and feel the body. Many times when we feel hungry it really is that the body needs to hydrate.

– Fight anxiety with healthy things: the rich and the healthy are not fought. When you feel worried about something sweet you can enjoy a rich coconut jelly and eat cold foods, such as an iced palette of Jamaica or lemon (without sugar).

drug detox

What is a detox diet?

The name sounds very reassuring since we all know drug addiction hurts us. In addition, these diets support you to eat natural foods, and include lots of water and vegetables; things that you know are good for you.  Not really. Like many other fad diets, detox diets can have harmful side effects, especially for teenagers. Drug detox is a chemical or poison that has harmful effects on the body. Drug detox can come from food or water and even from the air we breathe. The body processes these toxins through organs such as the liver and kidneys and eliminates them through sweat, urine, and feces.  Most of them require some version of fasting, that is, stop eating for a couple of days and then gradually reintroduce certain foods into the diet. Many of these diets also encourage people to have colonic irrigation or enema, to “cleanse” the colon. Other diets suggest taking supplements or special types of tea to help in the “purification” process.

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