RSO Oil – Best Remedy to Cure Cancer

If you are an online shopper and tried to buy cannabis products online, then you must have heard of Phoenix Tears. This extract is getting famous among medicinal cannabis users and goes by other names like RSO Oil or Full Extract Oil which may or may not have heard of. If you don’t know much about this extract, no worries as this article will help you learn a bit more about Phoenix Tears and how they can improve your life.

RSO Oil for Cancer

Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson, the hero and legend of medical cannabis oils and his namesake oil descended into the scene and converted the cannabis game forever. But do you know who exactly is he and why should you even care? Rick Simpson is a Canadian cannabis activist who created his own special and powerful brand of cannabis oil.

After examining with basal cell carcinoma, Rick Simpson experienced a great failure in the medical field when his doctor rejected to choose cannabis treatment as an option. Simpson tried to handle the case on his own and developed an oil treatment that he used on his cancerous growths and he found the growths disappeared after 4 days. How difficult it is to test a medicine in question, Simpson used it upon himself to continue harvesting and making his oil named as RSO Oil and distributed it to needful persons.

RSO Oil for Cancer

Why Phoenix Tears seem Complicated? Some Suggestions are Given Below

Using Phoenix Tears Topically

Today, RSO Oil for Cancer and its medicinal benefits are growing day by day. As it is available in oil form, the methods of applying or ingesting are flexible. The most simple and initial method of using Phoenix Tears is applying it topically to the area which needs relief. Simpson rubbed the oil straight forward on his cancerous growths and he found his growths disappeared within a week. His patients also experienced a similar effect when they used Phoenix Tears topically to treat their various ailments. Topical application is a way best as it does not need any glassware or devices.

RSO Oil for Cancer

Vaporizing the Extract

The other method of utilizing Phoenix Tears is by vaporizing the extract. As this extract is thick, many vaporizer pens cannot handle this. If you are fully set on vaporizing Phoenix Tears, then better to buy a pen that can produce a heavier concentrate or another option would be thinning out your Phoenix Tears with the help of organic vegetable glycerin. A big thanks to Rick Simpson as the recipe for Phoenix Tears can easily be purchased online to create your own mixture and play around with consistencies.

Ingesting it orally or sublingually

Oral ingestion is the third method of using Phoenix Tears and has become the favorite one among cannabis users. Some people dose themselves under the tongue and feel the effects within 5 minutes which lasts up to 4 hours. If you don’t want that sappy taste, then Phoenix Tears is also available in capsule form. You can also mix the oil into various foods and get the benefits of a sumptuous medicated meal. As with any edible, you can feel the effect within 30 minutes to 2 hours which lasts up to 8 hours based on the potency and the person.

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